First Lady's Visit To Target Women Voters

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The First Lady's visit to Reno will be--in part--to reach out to women voters.
Both the Republicans and the Democrats are trying to win the voting block that could decide the outcome of the election.
According to the Pew Research Center, the candidates look neck and neck in attracting women voters. They say Senator Kerry did have a substantial lead in Augus but that President Bush has been gaining on him.
Many political analysts say they're still factoring in any bumps from the debate but most pollsters agree that if a candidate wants to win, he must capture that vote.
Last week, First Lady Laura Bush and her two daughters visited hurricane relief volunteers in Florida.
As women, they're busy campaigning on behalf of the President, hoping to convince fellow women voters that he is the candidate for them.
According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of women polled said terrorism is their top concern.
Earlene Forsythe agrees and said the Republicans have best addressed the security issue. She says the Bush Administration has the best record on security and says the President is the candidate to keep women and their families the safest.
The Democrats have launched their own woman voter outreach plan: visiting Reno were Retired Army General, Claudia Kennedy and Former Ambassador, Wendy Sherman. On behalf of the Kerry/Edwards campaign, they've begun a "Safe and Secure" tour to highlight the Democrats' plans on national security.
Women make up 52% of the electorate...and many--on both sides--have earned the moniker, "security moms," referring tovoting women whose political views are linked to their concern over terrorism and homeland safety.