Neighbors React to Bear Sighting in West Reno

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"They were a mommy bear and two baby bears," says Adeline Ragar. The four-year-old can't stop talking about what she saw on Tuesday. That's when three bears climbed down from her neighbor's tree and started walking around.

Neighbors first spotted the bears around 7:30 Tuesday morning in the tree off Idlewild Drive and Mayberry in Reno.

"I said he was alive and he was!" says four-year-old Brock Prokop, who was watching the bears from his cousin's home, across the street.

The bears finally came down around 5 pm and went digging through garbage before wandering off. Wildlife officials say this isn't uncommon right now.

"We highly expect bears to come into urban interface areas during this time of the year," says Chris Healy, spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. "They are increasing their caloric intake in order to put on fat so they can go into the den and go into hibernation."

But this close in to the city?

"Well, it is close," says Healy. "But it's also one of those areas we call urban interface areas. It's close to the foothills and the bears are wondering at night and all they see is tall trees and they smell garbage cans."

People who live in the neighborhood say they aren't used to seeing these animals near their trash.

"We have quite a few raccoons that visit us a lot of times, but not often the bears," says Floyd Vice, a resident.

Wildlife officials say they usually respond to about 75 to 100 bear sightings in our area each year and they have not received more phone calls than usual this year. If you do see a bear in your neighborhood, they say the best thing you can do is call the Department of Wildlife.