Voter Registration Investigation

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The Registrar of Voters for Washoe County is planning an investigation into voter registration forms that were turned in with false names and signatures.
Dan Burke says temporary workers hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in Reno, apparently forged some of the registration forms.
Burke says his office received 15 voter registration forms that had fake names, he believes were filled out by the same person.
He also got several phone calls complaining that the workers were only registering people who planned to vote republican.
Michelle Martl of Americans Coming Together said, "It's illegal to do it--when you're registering people to vote, you're not allowed to ask them what party they would favor and which candidate they would favor. This is civics 101. everybody has the right to vote."
While Earlene Forsythe, the Chair of the Nevada Republican Party said, "We have thousands of volunteers in Washoe County and Clark county who are working very hard. We would never intentionally hire someone to commit voter fraud as a party."
Dan Burke says his office will ask for an investigation. Burke says both parties have used paid workers to register voters. After today, people who want to register to vote must appear *in person at the Registrar of Voter's office.