Evelyn Mount Getting Ready For Another Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is all about tradition and in Reno, no one has been more reliable than Evelyn Mount on Turkey Day.

Mount is campaigning for food donations at the Convention Center for the first time in her fantastic charity run.

Officials at the Lockett and Sullivan fall home show set the reknowned Mount up with a free booth to help get the ball rolling on a tradition that started in 1979.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened to us," says Mount. "And it's turned out so well. People are wonderful and we've been hauling food ever since yesterday."

Mount is 81-year-old, but she's not showing any signs of slowing down. The famous philanthropist can barely even sit still as she sorts through forms and donations. But this comes as no surprise to people like Todd Smith who's been working with Mount for the past 13 years.

"Evelyn is the kind of person who cares and sacrifices her own time and puts forth a great effort to organize a food drive," says Smith.

Mount says her devotion to charity work began when she was just a child and continued with her husband in Los Angeles.

After moving to Reno in the summer of 1978, Evelyn noticed something was missing.

"I felt lost without it," says Mount. "When Thanksgiving came we couldn't take it without reaching out to someone."

What started with 24 Thanksgiving baskets on Plumb Lane in 1979 has grown exponentially in years since. Last November, six thousand people received hot meals and 500 seniors have already signed up this year.

Mount is encouraging everyone to help out and reminding them that the feeling that comes with giving back never gets old.

"When you make other people feel good, that is a part of living that everyone should want to have a part of."