Artifacts Found Outside Nevada State Museum In Carson City

Officials at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City did not have to go far to find artifacts.

Construction crews turned up fragments of old liquor bottles and other artifacts outside the museum.

The finds were made less than a week into a project to connect the museum - housed in the U-S Mint building that produced coins from 1870 to 1885 and again from 1889 to 1893 - with its annex.

Museum officials say they anticipated the discoveries and made arrangements with a Sparks construction company before crews even
started digging.

They combed a four-foot-deep trench dug at the site of a pit where mint workers long ago buried some trash.

The pit was located next to the former site of a steam boiler that once powered the coin presses.

After careful probing this past week, they found a number of items, including a piece of a crockery ale bottle and a glass stopper for a chemical bottle.

Fragments of other liquor bottles also were found.