Library Porn Access Policies

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Reno police continue to investigate a man, who they say, was looking at child pornography inside a Washoe County public library. Detectives arrested 29-year-old Jeffrey Olson.
He was taken into custody...after police talked with him at the library, and then found child porn at his home and on his personal computer.
The library doesn't restrict access to websites for adults...but it does for children.
Anyone under the age of 18...can't use un-filtered computers without a parent's permission.
Parents have the option of being with their children or not...while they're on the net.
Other safeguards include: separating children's computers from adults in the library.
Librarians also put screen covers on "all" of their computers.
They also position that when someone passes by...the screen appears blurry, unless you're sitting right in front of the computer.
The library has had internet access for seven years...and directors say rarely does anything "illegal" happen.
Associate Director, Arnie Maurins, says "we've taken steps while balancing a patrons first amendment rights."
Parent, Valerie Scheuering, says "the library is for learning and information. Not for viewing pornography."