Threatening Winds In Sierra, Western Nevada

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for high winds and fire officials in the Reno area are adding a warning about falling trees.

Winds already have topped 100 miles an hour over the Sierra crests and weather service forecasters say gusts to 60 miles an hour are likely through tonight in the Reno-Carson corridor and at Lake Tahoe.

Fire officials say residents need to be aware falling tree branches and trees.

Residents are also urged to avoid sheltering or standing under or around trees during storms.

Dead trees and branches in those trees pose a particular danger, but branches in healthy trees also can become weakened or develop cracks and can be affected not only by windy conditions.

The winds are moving in ahead of a Pacific storm that's expected to bring rain to the valleys and snow to the mountains starting tonight.

The forecast calls for an inch or two of snow in the Sierra above 75-hundred feet. That could affect some of the higher passes.