Plans For Easing Northbound Traffic Flow Of Highway 395

According to Scott Magruder of N-DOT, engineers are looking into easing the northbound traffic flow of Highway 395.

It's in the very early stages, the design stages, but what N-DOT is looking at doing: the shoulders are already a lane's-width to begin with so they will add 1/2 a lane on the outside of the shoulder and restripe the road so there's an additional lane in the existing shoulder.

This would be done from Moana to I-80.

In order to do this N-DOT will have to purchase some right-of-way, along with the consruction which is why this has a 70-million-dollar pricetag.

Everyone knows the merging is very difficult to get on and off the freeway at peak hours from Mill to Glendale.

So this auxiliary lane will allow three-through lanes to flow without having merging cars coming in.

Our first public meeting will be in december pertaining to this issue most likely at Wooster.

It will ease traffic congestion no doubt about it.