Hillary Clinton Shares Blame For Failed Health Care Reform

Senator Barrack Obama stepped up his criticism of rival Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton during a speech in reno today.

Obama says the Clinton administration's attempt to reform health care in 1993 failed partly because the then-first worked only with "her own people" and shut out other potential allies.

Obama also that his primary opponents who voted to authorize the war in Iraq would be subject to Republican criticism that they "flip-flopped" now that they oppose the war.

In the context of Iraq, Obama did not name Clinton, who along with fellow senators, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd and former Senator John Edwards, voted to give the president the authority to go to war.

But he did single her out later as he explained why his decision to speak out against the war in 2002 when others in his party were keeping quiet is an example of how he bucks conventional wisdom and
"inside" politics of Washington.

The Illinois seantor says he gave Clinton credit for trying to reform the health care system.

But in his words, "The problem was that she closed the doors. She just worked with her own people. She locked out potential allies."