State Receives Low Marks In Female Health

Another national health survey gives Nevada low marks -- this time in terms of women's health.

The National Report Card on Women's Health ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia using health indicators such as access to insurance, prenatal care and health screenings.

The study by the National Women's Law Center and Oregon Health and Science University ranks Nevada 39th, which it says -- in a word -- is unsatisfactory.

Judy Waxman is vice president of health and reproductive rights for the National Women's Law Center.

She says Nevada's rate of uninsured women is 20-point-four percent.

That's higher than the nationwide rate of 18 percent and the survey ranks Nevada 42nd in the nation for women without insurance.

Waxman says that contributing to Nevada's insurance woes are eligibility requirements for its Medicaid program.

On average, she says the program only covers parents with incomes of about 14-thousand dollars a year, and that's well below the poverty