Liquid Meth

An otherwise routine drug bust in Virginia City uncovered a new, little known menace. It was meth or a meth derivative, in liquid form. Storey County detectives, as well as other detectives, say they have never seen it before an arrest last week, and it’s giving them something else to worry aobut.

A tip that methamphetamines were being used and possibly sold sent Storey County detectives with a search warrant to an upstairs apartment at a home on B Street last week. Outside they encountered the occupant, Edegardo Candido. Inside, in a locked box, they found drug paraphernalia, syringes, a small amount of crystal meth., and a couple of bottles filled with liquid.

The clear, oily liquid is being tested at the Washoe County Crime Lab, but field tests left little doubt it is an amphetamine based substance. The drug is commonly smoked. In liquid form it presents other means of consumption, mainly intravenously.

Candido was booked on trafficking charges and is being held in lieu of $21,000 dollars bail.

This bust has given detectives something new to worry about, a dangerous drug that can hide in plain sight. That makes it much harder to detect in transit as well. One can imagine it being carried across the border from Mexico, the major source of meth these days, in a bottle of Tequila. This is what some drug agents believe is happening.

We heard a couple of different stories concerning the danger of the new drug. One local officer said he'd been told smoking is still the fastest way of getting it into the system and its thought injecting it would not make sense. Others have heard the word on the street is that injecting it does give a faster stronger high. In this case, officers believe he may have been injecting it into his jugular vein.