15 Jurors Now Selected in Mack Case

Day 3 of the Darren Mack murder trial continued Wednesday, with more jurors being selected.

The prosecution and defense completed interviewing nearly 50 people in Panel-A and have now moved on to Panel-B. More people have been allowed on the jury pool, bringing the total number of jurors to 15. Those jurors selected Wednesday include a former newspaper editor, a sign language interpreter, and a commercial lender.

In the jury selection Wednesday, the prosecution objected to a juror the defense wanted. Both the prosecution and defense attorneys can challenge a juror from being a part of the jury pool, but they have to have a good reason. So far, a vast majority of the challenges in the trial have come from Mack’s defense team.

Wednesday afternoon, a prospective juror spoke about a family member serving time in prison. That prospective juror’s family member is about Darren Mack’s age. While the prospective juror did say she would be able to disassociate the two from each other. The prosecution wasn’t convinced, and did not want the woman on Mack’s jury. The ultimate decision, though, is up to the judge. Judge Doug Herndon allowed the woman.

Herndon did have to speak to Mack’s attorneys about dismissing jurors without good reason. They’re taking a long time with each person, and in some cases are coming up with legitimate reasons for prospective jurors to be dropped. According to Prosecuting Attorney Robert Dascus, once they get 35 jurors in the pool, that’s the time for defense to dismiss people out of hand for any reason, not before.

The case is one of the most sensational in Nevada’s history.

Millionaire Darren Mack is accused of killing his wife, and for the sniper-style shooting of their divorce judge, Chuck Weller.

Last week, Judge Herndon ruled an impartial jury for the case could not be found in Washoe County, so the search is now underway in Clark County.

Herndon has said he hopes the jury will be decided by the end of the week, and opening arguments could begin next Monday.