PETA Demonstration

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, have gained a reputation for their unorthodox protests. Wednesday afternoon PETA brought its message to Reno and delivered it in a rather unconventional way.

There was a whole lot more than just a message being unveiled at the protest as three young women stood naked in the streets of downtown Reno to encourage residents to stop buying animal skins. While many admit it did grab their attention, they’re saying the visual may have hidden the true message.

While the rest of us were bundled up in coats and sweaters, three PETA members stood out in the cold in their underwear and nothing else. The brave but cold women covered themselves in flowers and stood in coffins. Each protester held a sign reading, “We wouldn’t be caught dead wearing animal skins.”

PETA says it’s targeting every major city with similar demonstrations to try and get the word out, and they have specifically chosen this time of year because it’s right on the cusp of holiday shopping.