Co-defendant: O.J. Wanted Guns At Vegas Meeting With Collectors

O.J. Simpson wanted guns in the room when he led a group of men to confront two sports memorabilia dealers, according to a co-defendant who took a plea deal and agreed to testify for the prosecution in the armed robbery case.

Walter Alexander told police after his arrest Sept. 15 that the former football star seemed to wait until Alexander and another man arrived with guns before heading into a Las Vegas hotel room to retrieve sports collectibles that Simpson said belonged to him.

"O.J. said 'hey, just bring some firearms,"' Alexander told police in a transcript of his tape-recorded statement obtained by The Associated Press.

"He said ... 'we won't have to use 'em, but ... just to look tough, you know, so that these people know that, you know, we're here for business,"' Alexander said.