Douglas Officials To Consider Bear Trash Ordinance

It's another sign that this is the year of the bear.

Douglas County official are considering expansion of the bear ordinance requiring bear-proof containers when residents experience
two raids in a two-year period.

The measure could come up at tomorrow's Commission meeting.

This year has produced a record number of bear sightings.

Along with raiding trash cans, they also have been breaking into homes in search of food to replace the natural forage that's lacking in the
drought-dry woods.

County officials say unsecured trash is an enticement to bears and creates situations in which a chance meeting between a hungry bear and an individual could result in injury or death.

They add, "It is also unfair to the animals. They don't learn
to forage for themselves, creating a dependence that places them in
a hazardous environment".

The year also has seen a record number of bears killed on the roads and that have been euthanized because they have become too aggressive in their raids or other encounters with people.