New Gadgets at Yosemite National Park

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The stunning rock formations and towering waterfalls; enjoying Yosemite generally means looking up. That's until now. It's just been introduced so very few Yosemite tourists have experienced the Big Escapes tour guide.

A park spokesperson says they have people who come to the park for solitude and recreation, but they also have people who are techno-savvy. 40 different topics are offered, including park history, video, trail maps, even a puppet character named Ranger Bill for children.

But some people just can't get behind a device that keeps your eyes on a small screen, when some of the worlds most spectacular views don't require a screen at all.

There's been very little marketing to publicize the Big Escapes gadget, so you don't see anyone walking around Yosemite quite yet, wearing headphones, studying a tiny screen. For now, park visitors are more commonly found looking elsewhere, no batteries required.

Yosemite isn't the first national park facility to use the video and audio tour guides. Alcatraz and Point Reyes offer the same experience.