Reno Police Arrest Home Invasion Suspect

Reno Police Department
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New information tonight about the man police say is a suspect in several hot prowl cases in both Reno and Sparks.
28 year old Omero Rojas-Penalosa remains in custody tonight.
As KOLO News Channel 8 first reported Monday night, he was arrested early Sunday morning after Sparks police say.. he broke into a woman's apartment.. stole money.. and woke her up.. by touching her on the hand.
Reno Police say they've also arrested Rojas-Penalosa in recent weeks.. for a similar charge.
He was arrested on September 6th.
Police say he was trying to break into a home on Casazza Street.
He posted bail that same day.. but was back in jail.. less than 3 weeks later.
According to Reno Police.. Omero Rojas-Penalosa tried to break in to the home on Casazza Street.. through a back door.
The woman's dogs chased him away.. and she called police.
But.. cops say.. he was persistant.. and was seen peeking into a window of the home later.
When officers arrived.. they found him hiding between two cars in front of the house.
Commander Steven Pitts with the Reno Police Department says, "He was wearing two pairs of pants and I believe both of them were unzipped. Of course, that's a little unusual."
And.. this story gets even more unusual.
Police say Rojas-Penalosa lives here, in the 500 block of Grand Canyon Boulevard. The very same neighborhood where, just last month, a woman woke up to find an unknown man licking her leg.
Officers are looking at him in *that* case as well.
And.. that makes people who live in this neighborhood scared.. and wondering if they've been a potential victim of the prowler.
One woman told KOLO News Channel 8, "Not long ago, about 3 weeks ago, they broke one of our windows like around 8 o'clock at night. And, another time, someone took the screen off our window like if trying to get into the house".
And.. according to Reno Police.. Rojas-Penalosa *could* be involved in a several other hot prowl cases.
Pitts says, "His M.O. kind of fits the M.O. of some of the cases we're looking at, so we're looking really hard at him."
You may remember.. Kyla Annan.. the woman found dead in her home last Thursday.. had *also* been the victim of a hot prowler on September 13th.
The crime lab is now in the process of examining a large amount of evidence in a number of these cases.
Investigators expect to get results back.. by sometime next week.
Rojas-Penalosa is in the Washoe County Jail on a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization hold.
He hasn't been arraigned yet in the Sparks case.