Nevada House Members All Back Media Shield Law

Nevada's congressional delegation has found something they all agree on.

Republicans Jon Porter and Dean Heller joined Democrat Shelley Berkley today in all voting to back the right of reporters to protect the confidentiality of sources in most federal court cases.

Sponsors of the media shield legislation say it is crucial to a free and effective press.

It passed overwhelmingly on a vote of 398-to-12.

That despite a warning from the White House that President Bush will veto the bill out of concern the measure would encourage leaks of classified information.

Under the legislation, reporters could still be compelled to disclose information on sources if that information is needed to prevent acts of terrorism or harm to the national security.

Advocates of press freedom have pushed the issue this year in the wake of several high-profile cases, including subpoenas for reporters to testify in a probe into the leak of a CIA operative's identity.