Bus Driver Shortage

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The Washoe County school district is facing a critical shortage of bus drivers.
So far this year, the district is down 10-percent of its usual workforce.
Transportation officials say they've been short drivers the past few years...but never this many.
Safety supervisors, shop mechanics, and other administrative people are having to drive to get kids to school on time.
District officials say the reason for the shortage...is the low unemployment rate.
The job market is "so" hot...the county is having trouble recruiting drivers.
Adminstrators say though the pay and benefits are comparable to other positions.
County officials say they need between 40 and 45 applicants to fill the 30 positions.
If you'd like to apply...they say you need a good driving record.
You must have no criminal history.
And, love children.
If you don't have a commercial driver's license...the school district will train you to get one.