Hundreds Turn Out for Walk to Cure Diabetes

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It's a five mile walk on the UNR campus, and with each stride, it's hoped a cure for diabetes is closer.

"This day's awesome, I'm so excited, this is my favorite day of the year," Melissa Karadanis said.

Melissa Karadanis was diagnosed with diabetes at age 16.
For her, diabetes doesn't just mean shots and blood sugar monitoring.
The now 24-year-old, says it could make it more difficult to fulfill her dream of having kids.

" I have to worry about you know getting pregnant and the complications that will come along with that."

It's estimated 45-hundred participated in the "Be a Hero" walk.

However making the journey, for many the walk is very personal.

"My brother when he was very very young he was diagnosed with diabetes and I had a few family members die of it," 11-year-old Salena Carr said.

An organizer estimated more than half a million dollars was raised from the walk.
86 percent of that money goes toward finding a cure.