Five-Year-Old Getting Ready For Diabetes Walk

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Nobody likes getting shots, but imagine receiving more than 10 each day. That's a challenge for any adult, but a lifestyle for one local child.

Five-year-old Alli Christy was diagnosed with diabetes last August. On Sunday, she and nearly 100 family members and friends will march in the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Christy is one of over 176 thousand people under the age of 20 living with diabetes.

Getting the diagnosis at such a young age has forced her to learn how to perform insulin injections and test her blood sugar.

"It was tough," says Scott Christy, Alli's father. "It was probably the toughest week in my life. I had to learn how to give shots and she had learn how to take them."

Alli gets about 10 blood sugar tests and four insulin shots a day. Her parents have to wake her up at two o'clock every morning to give her treatment.

Alli's mom Michelle Christy says her daughter is learning quickly about her condition.

"She really now can put it all together," says Christy. "She's ready to help researchers find a cure for diabetes."