Presidential Candidate Offers to Picket with Grand Sierra Workers

File photo from a recent trip to Reno.
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New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson says he hopes a strike by members of the local culinary union can be avoided. But he says if it can't, he'll support the workers.

Richardson spoke to Local 226 Saturday evening, which is now in negotiations with the Grand Sierra Resort.

The presidential candidate also says he'll fight to make it easier for more unions to form.

According to a newspaper, Richardson isn't the only candidate to say they would support the culinary union in a strike. The Reno Gazette Journal says at least four others have made promises.

Governor Richardson addressed one of his opponents too -- Hillary Clinton. He says Clinton is acting as though she's already got the party's nomintation.

"I took my name off the ballot in Michigan to respect Nevada, she hasn't done that. She wants to keep her name on the ballot in Michigan. I have the clearest plan to end the war in Iraq, get all the troops out she wants to keep 75,000 by the year 2013," Richardson said.

Richardson delivered much of his speech in Spanish.

He says he's against immigration raids, and a legalization plan is needed. Richardson says America shouldn't have immigration laws that divide families.