Battle On Rattle Snake Mountain

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Rattle Snake Mountain was the scene of a fierce battle today involving over 200 people!

'Battle of The Rattle' was one of just a few events on offer today at Longley's Gold's Gym's, 'Live Healthy - Live Long' campaign to raise money for The Nevada Diabetes Association.

Golds Gym organized the event held at the gym on Longley Lane, Saturday between 9.00am and 4pm.

Marlene Russeau, Regional Director of Gold's Gym said, "We like to organize at least 8 charity events a year with various charities within the community".

"Gold's Gym is not just a sports facility, our goal is to change people's lives and our mission is to be part of the community".

Over 40 vendors attended Saturday's event with a wide array of healthy living products from food to art.

It was the first time that vendors were allowed into the Gold's Gym without being charged.

Danny John's of Maniac Clothing, said, "I'm really impressed with todays event, it's been awesome and really busy! I'll be contributing the money made from clothes sales today to the NDA".

Lyndsey Baker from the United Blood Services said, "We have already beaten our goal for today which was 15 units of blood, so by the end of the day we should have about 25 to 30 units!"

Baker continued, "Gold's Gym have really stepped up to the plate with this event."

The highlight of the event however was the, 'Battle of the Rattle' which raised over $20,000 for the Nevada Diabetes Association.

The race organized by Johnno Lazetich and Jon Epsteyn, included over 200 participants and was a 5k battle starting from the gym to the summit and back and included cross country teams from Damonte Ranch High School and McQueen.

Gold's Gym's next charity event will be the Angel Tree Program at Christmas in conjunction with the Salvation Army, where by people can donate christmas presents to children in need.

Photo's by. Ryan Salm - To see more of this local photographers work, please visit our Hot Topics and click on Ryan's web page link.