Hurricane Jeanne Help

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More than one million people are still without power in the state of Florida.
A slew of hurricanes have hit the Sunshine state in the past month.
The latest, Jeanne, produced sustained winds of more than 120 miles an hour.
But, there is some good news is on the way from as far as right here in Reno.
11 people from Sierra Pacific will be flying to Orlando Tuesday morning...where they will meet up with other power companies from California.
In the northern part of the state, "Progress Energy" is reporting more than 500-thousand customers without power.
To the south...the brunt of Hurricane Jeanne, "Florida Power and Light" says one-point-five million people are still in the dark.
The total work order by the Florida power companies...calls for six thousand lineman, and four thousand tree trimmers.
Twenty-plus line crews are coming from California.