Reno Car-Jacking Couple Arrested

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Both of them have had previous run-ins with the law. Sanchez was an illegal immigrant, who had once been deported, and then came back to the U.S. illegally again. Her boyfriend, Carmona was a convicted felon, and police say, a danger to our community.

Police say the couple worked quickly. In two weeks, they hit five different Reno neighborhoods. Security cameras linked them to an armed robbery of the Kohl's in Damonte Ranch. Then witnesses identified them as the couple who robbed this cell phone store on Clear Acre, the same business where Sanchez used to work.

"She never seemed like that kind of person actually. She seemed like a regular person. Kind of shocking? Yeah it is really shocking actually," said Assistant Manager of Port O Subs, Bryan LaBonte, who had met the suspect.

Police say robberies aren't all that unusual in Reno, but car jackings are a different story.

"Especially when we get a series. It was real evident from the beginning that by the time we got to the second one, we had the same two individuals involved in that. So those aren't common in the city of Reno. Car jackings are rare," said Lt. Bob McDonald with the Reno Police Department.

The couple chose both residential and commercial neighborhoods, some near schools and homes.

"I don't know how he made his decision on what type of vehicle to steal. I am sure it was a moment of opportunity and convenience that people made themselves available to him," added McDonald.

Detectives say the couple's crime of choice is especially dangerous, because, they used a weapon to coerce their victims into giving in.

"This is a good person to have off the street and we'll put him back in prison where he belongs and hopefully keep him there for a very long time," said McDonald.

Currently, detectives don't have any other unsolved car jacking cases they are working police say that makes these arrests even that much more significant.

"Secret Witness" played a huge role. A lot of people called in with tips that helped lead to the arrests. "Secret Witness" is completely anonymous and if your tip helps convict someone, you can get a cash reward. The number is 322-4900.