Deputy Recruitment

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Dozens of people turned out today to learn more about a career in sheriff work...half of those prospective deputies were women. In Washoe County, there are 66 women in the sheriff's department...compared with 323 men. The department says more women are needed to fulfill specific law enforcement needs.

"For one, in our jail facility, we have female housing units. We have anywhere from 100-200 females in the facility. It's nice to have deputy sheriff females available on all three shifts," says Lieutenant Carrie Bennett.

Lieutenant Bennett says women deputies benefit the organization with their compassion and verbal skills. She's hoping to hire a half dozen for the next training session in January.

Cecilia Vega is hoping to be one of those recruits. She's working toward her law enforcement dreams by studying criminal justice: "I think a lot of women shy away from it because it's kind of dangerous and whatnot, but I think it's kind of exciting."

Lieutenant Bennett says a career in the Sheriff's department has good advancement possibilities and can be rewarding.

"There's a lot of opportunities to impact and interact with people and make a small difference."

The path to becoming a deputy is rigorous...and only about 15% of those who fill out an initial application complete the process.

All candidates must pass a written test, physical test and background check before successfully completing a 14 week training academy.

If you missed today's fair, and would like more information about the deputy hiring programs and the application process, you can call the human resources department for Washoe County at 328-2081.

To qualify for a deputy position, candidates must be at least 21 years old, a US citizen and be a high school grad or equivalent.