Teen Wants New Trial

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One of two teenagers convicted in the 2001 beatings of two Muslim men is seeking a new trial.
David Nolette was 15 at the time when he and Scott Cannady were accused of robbing and beating Dr. El Tag Mirghani and Mohammed Sanad with baseball bats outside the Northern Nevada Muslim Center.
Nolette's new lawyer said in a hearing yesterday Nolette wanted to appeal his conviction but his lawyer at the time told him not to bother.
He says Nolette's lawyer gave him bad advice and he should be either given a lighter sentence or a new trial.
But prosecutors say Nolette didn't want to appeal at the time and instead told his lawyer he wanted to take full responsibility for the crime.
Judge James Hardesty asked both sides to submit more information.
He said he would issue a written ruling at a later date.
Nolette is currently serving a 40-year sentence with the possibility parole after 14 years.