Korean War Veterans Association Meets In Reno

The Korean War Veterans Association of the United States will be holding it’s annual Business Meeting and Convention October 22-25 in Reno.

The Convention Headquarters will be the Reno El Dorado Hotel and Casino.

Some 300 Delegates and Spouses are expected for the event.

Guest speakers will include Lieutenant General David Valcourt, Commanding General of the Eight U.S. Army, based in South Korea. He is also the Chief of Staff of UN Forces Korea.

The Primary Speaker for Thursday night’s annual banquet will be Lee, Tae-sik, Korean Ambassador to the United States.

Attending, as delegates, will be KWVA members, from around the country, who served during the Korean War period; June 1950 to July 1953. Many of these men are veterans of such horrific battles as the Pusan Perimeter, the Inchon Invasion, the battles against the Chinese forces invading from Manchuria at the Chosin Reservoir, Pork Chop Hill and other infamous engagements.

Others will be those men and women who have served since the Armistice ( July 1953), serving to deter North Korea and other hostile forces from another attack on the South. A state of war still exists between North Korea and the UN , primarily comprised of U.S. Forces.

The United States has maintained a force of 25,000 since the Armistice This service has allowed the South Korean people to build a true democracy, establish a modern manufacturing and technology infrastructure, and become the 10th largest economy in the world. Many feel that South Korea is the strongest and most loyal worldwide ally of the United States.

The Korean War is often referred to as the “ Forgotten War”. The men and women who served there were largely ignored when they returned from one of the most savage battlefields in U.S. history. Over 35,000 US personnel were killed, over 8,000 are still missing.
It is estimated that over 35,000 Korean War Veterans currently live in the State of Nevada.

A memorial service, at which General Valcourt will be speaking, will honor all Korean Veterans, but, specifically, will salute those veterans of the conflict and defense service who have passed away in the last 12 months.

In addition to the General Annual Business meeting, the KWVA Board of Directors will have it’s meeting. Many committee meetings will be held, and are open to all delegates and spouses.

On Thursday evening, October 25th, in addition to the Ambassador’s presentation, there will be entertainment in the form of Traditional Cowboy Poetry and other activities.

Members of the Press and other Media are encouraged to contact Bill Hutton, Ass’t Secretary and Director of Public Relations. We plan on Press Conferences, and have veterans available to be interviewed about their experiences. The “Official” Press Conference will be at the El Dorado Hotel and Casino at 10:00AM on Wednesday, Oct 24.