Reno Police Investigate Homicide

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Thursday night, a 28-year old woman was found dead inside her home on Quincy Street in Reno.
She has been identified as Kyla Annan.
Reno Police are not releasing many detailas about the death, but say they are investigating it as a homicide and it was violent.
Annan's boyfriend found her dead in the bedroom of her home, a little after 4 o'clock yesterday. He told police he hadn't heard from her for several days.
Police immediately sealed off the home at 624 Quincy Street, and removed the body later in the evening.
Annan worked two jobs in Reno.
One as a preschool teacher, the other as an exotic dancer. The manager at the Men's Club confirmed that she was a former employee, but told us she had not worked there in the last year.
The Wild Orchid manager also confirmed that she was one of their current employees...who worked under the stage name of Dominique. Neither men would share more details or speak on camera.
The county coroner's office completed an autopsy on the body this morning...but all Reno police will tell us at this time is that Annan died a violent death.
Yesterday, Annan's boyfriend was taken in for questioning, but was released.
Police say that right now, there are no suspects.
Reno Police say Annan and her boyfriend called police earlier this month to report an intruder in the home.
The boyfriend woke up when a man put his hand over his mouth, and that scared the intruder away.
Reno Police do not yet know if that incident is connected to the homicide.