Classes Resume At Hug High School

Classes will be held on Friday morning at Hug High School, after the campus was put under lockdown on reports of a planned shooting the day before.

Reno Police received a call shortly before 8:00 AM Thursday morning from a caller who said he had overheard two juveniles saying they were heading to the school "to shoot up the place." The caller also said one of the juveniles had a weapon.

Reno Police, WCSD School Police and Sheriff's officers responded to establish a secure perimeter around the school. A thorough search of the campus turned up no weapons.

Students who were coming to school were searched before they were allowed onto campus. The perimeter will continue to be secured throughout the remainder of the school day.

Reno Police and School Police are continuing their investigation for the subjects mentioned in the phone call.

"It's reassuring how quickly all these agencies responded to ensure the safety of the students and staff at Hug," said Superintendent Paul Dugan. "We do not know if this was a real threat or not, but we take these situations very seriously, especially in light of the incident yesterday in Cleveland," he added.

Although the school urged students to remain at school, a process was established for parents to pick up their students if they wanted to. Parents were called with the Connect-ED system to alert them of the lockdown and of the pick-up process. At noon, about 1,000 of the school's 1,200 students remained.