New Mexico Governor Stumps For Kerry

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The Kerry camp got a boost locally today from one of his big supporters.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, was in Reno this afternoon trying to grab the Latino vote.
Bill Richardson is the "only" Latino Governor in the United States.
He says the latino vote will win the election for John Kerry.
Since the Silver State has the fastest growing hispanic population in the West, Richardson wanted supporters to know how important their vote is.
The Governor was invited to a panel discussion at the Culinary Union Local 2-2-6.
His agenda, the rising cost of health care.
"The lack of access, high prescription drugs, it's not the President's fault but he could be a leader and he's not doing it.," Richardson charged.
On the panel, Theresa Navarro, a latino and a self-employed businesswoman.
Navarro suffers from asthma and doesn't have health insurance.
"The cost is ridiculous," said Navarro. "What happens is you have an emergency and that makes the health coverage go up. T here is no balance."
Governor Richardson charged the Bush Administration with "not" properly insuring children and senior citizens."
He says the President's new Medicare plan actually raises premiums.
"What happens is senior citizens have to choose between food or prescription drugs," Richardson said. "They shouldn't have to make that choice. They should get help for both."
Republicans say Bush's Medicare plan...has actually saved seniors millions of dollars.
Party leaders say drug companies are now more competitive...and seniors get their prescription drugs with their discount card.
Republican leaders say Bush has done his share in his four years in office.
Most important, they say, is his Health Savings Account.