Living in Bear Country

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Bear sightings have been on the rise here in Northern Nevada for more than a decade, as we move into their habitat.
That's why the Nevada Department of Wildlife and local law enforcement want to make sure you're "Bear Aware".
Many people were concerned that the Waterfall fire in Carson City had burned the animals' natural habitat, and they were coming down into west Carson neighborhoods scavaging for food.
Wednesday night, the Nevada Department of Wildlife and local law enforcement held a meeting to tell people that the bears aren't digging in garbage cans out of necessity, but because of opportunity
The Tahoe Basin has the second highest concentration of bears in the nation.
Many Northern Nevadans live in bear country, so, when you run into a bear on a hike or even in your driveway, experts say, don't panic or run.
They suggest that you make noise to let the bear know you are there, make yourself look bigger by raising your arms and never turn your back on a bear.
Wildlife biologists also say it is important to never leave trash out at night and feed dogs and cats indoors.
If you see a bear is walking through your neighborhood, and you live in bear habitat, that's not cause for concern.
On the other hand, if that bear is breaking into your home, call 911.