Street Vibrations Kick-Off

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Lots of chrome, leather, and bikes are making their way to the "biggest little city."
The 11th annual "Street Vibrations" event officially kicked off at three this afternoon.
More than four thousand bikes registered for this event.
Promoters expect another 30-thousand bikers to watch the week's activities.
Promoters say many of this year's participants are businessmen and women.
There's no longer the "Hells Angels" mentality many are used to.
With more than 200-vendors, selling everything from helmets to wheels...the economic impacted is expect to be more than twenty million dollars.
Making "Street Vibrations" one of "Road Shows" best events.
If you want to see some of the bikes...go downtown or here at Reno Harley Davidson.
Some casinos are also hosting big name rock bands like the Doobie Brothers, Jackson Browne, and Willie their end of the summer concert series.