Infinite Campus

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Reno, NV - It's now a lot harder for local kids to keep secrets from their parents. When it comes to school, that is. Washoe County parents now have extraordinary access to their children's school records.

With a click of a mouse and a few punches on the keyboard, parents can now keep better tabs on their kids.
All they have to do is log on to the parent portal of Infinite Campus. The web-based school system takes the place of Edline.

"Infinite Campus is different in that all the updates are now real time. as soon as the teacher enters it, the parents can see it on the portal," says Mary Martini, an information technology specialist with the Washoe County School District.

Infinite Campus also gives out a lot more information.

"Parents can check behavior, they can get a copy of their shot records," says Martini.

And if your kid is skipping class?

"You see that right away," says Martini. "As soon as the teacher takes attendance, you can see it on the portal."

And that's just the beginning. But how do parents begin to log on?

"All you need is your activation code and your parent log in and if you haven't picked that up yet and you're a middle school or high school parent, you can go by your school and get that," says Dr. Bryn Lapenta, with the Washoe County School District.

"And parents can also see what's due, so they know what kids are doing in school. So when that conversation around the dinner table turns toward school, it's no longer we didn't do anything today. It's 'Let's talk about this assignment you turned in.' Those kinds of things will really help parents a lot. With what they know their children are doing in school," says Dr. Lapenta.

In November, the Washoe County School District will activate Infinite Campus for its elementary schools.

The following link will take you to the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus: