Murdered UNR Professor Remembered

A gathering October 9th to remember murdered UNR professor Judy Calder.
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Friends and family of murdered University of Nevada professor Judy Calder gathered to celebrate her life Tuesday evening. The people touched by Judy crowded into small room on the UNR campus -- Among them, Judy's husband, daughter and a former student.

"She never forgot my name... She always made a point to say: 'Hi Anna, how are your studies going, can I help you with anything?,'" Anna Krave, a former student said.

Judy's husband, Jim, lit a candle and remembered a recent kayaking trip they shared.

"She kept saying I was doing it wrong, and I said 'no I'm doing it right,' and basically all we did was go around in circles so that would... give you an idea of how our relationship was, we just had fun together," Judy's husband, Jim, said.

A fellow professor and friend of about 17 years says Calder was always positive. Judy's vibrant life was cut short before she could say goodbye.

"I'm still having nightmares about what happened to her it's so unbelievable when she was missing we didn't know what had happened to her, we're so grateful to have her back," Jeanne Hilton, a UNR professor said.

But some say her spirit never left the university -- A place Judy spent many "all nighters" working on her research projects.

"My mom had you know two great, great loves in her life and that was her family and academia so... she loved this place and I know that her students and her colleagues and the work that she did here meant the world to her," Kim Calder, Judy's daughter said.

A memorial scholarship has been established in Judy's name.