School District Proposes Curriculum Change

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School District Trustees want more public input about adding one more year of math and one more year of science to the high school curriculum.
And they have want teachers to examine a proposal to institute a tougher math policy.
The goal of the district.. is to make sure that high school students are prepared for both college.. and the work force.
The "Default Course of Study".. which would require students to take 4 years of math and 3 years of science.. was approved unanimously by trustees.
The new math policy.. which would require students to move through those math classes faster than many do now.. was also given preliminary approval.
One of the most important things to remember.. if these changes take effect.. graduation requirements would NOT change.
Students would still be required to take 3 years of math and 2 years of science.. but they'd be automatically enrolled in an extra year of each.
According to the school district.. at least 43-percent of University of Nevada and TMCC students who graduated from Washoe County schools in 2003.. had to take remedial classes.
Which is also why trustees put a new Mathamatics Policy on Tuesday night's agenda.
That policy would work to speed up math learning.
Algebra classes would be added at every junior high school.. and the high school algebra classes that now take 2 years to complete.. would be condensed to one year.
At least one Wooster High School math teacher says.. that change could be detrimental to some kids.
According to the district.. students who needed extra help.. could be enrolled in two math classes at once.
But.. one Wooster High School teacher says he already does that with his students.. and while they're learning.. they would likely fall behind.. and get frustrated.. if they were forced to learn at a faster pace.
Other math teachers spoke out in favor of the new math policy tonight.
Though both agenda items were approved.. trustees did ask for more input on them