Doctors Protest

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The Nevada Supreme Court has refused to scuttle a ballot question pushed by doctors - who had demonstrated earlier at the high court to protest efforts by trial lawyers to have the proposal removed from the November ballot.
The court also rejected the trial lawyers' request that Secretary of State Dean Heller be found in contempt for not fully complying with a weekend order by justices to revise the explanation for Question 3 that voters will see on their ballots.
The brief order was issued shortly after more than 100 northern
Nevada doctors and office staffers showed up in front of the court,
holding signs that read "Shame on the Supreme Court and the trial
lawyers" and "Recall the six justices who sold out to the trial
Dr. Michael Fischer, head of the Nevada State Medical
Association, accused the trial lawyers of --quote-- "sneaky"
last-minute litigation to bury the ballot a question that would cap
awards for pain and suffering in medical malpractice suits at
350-thousand dollars.