Ballot Challenges

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The sample ballot is an important component of the voting process. For one, it informs the public what will we be on the final ballot and gives people time to review the various initiatives and referenda.

Secondly, once the sample ballot is complete, voter registrar offices can create the absentee ballots. This year, there are 1000 Nevadans who live overseas, as either soldiers or civilians, who need to vote absentee.

Because of the delay, the ballot layouts will be sent to the printers either later today or early tomorrow. They will be mailed out sometime next week...which should allow enough time for people overseas to vote and return them.

Dan Burk, the Washoe County Voter Registrar says:

"We can't keep delaying the process because of their minor issue when there is this larger issue of running elections with integrity and honesty. That's the first concern for any election office, and it certainly is in this office."

He also recommends that the state amend the review process for ballot issues. If it were to happen earlier, he argues there would be less of a delay in the election schedule.