Waterfall Burn Area Rehabilitation

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It's a race against time for forestry officials to rehabilitate the Waterfall burn area.
They have to get the work done...before the next series of storms sweep through Carson City.
A KMAX helicopter hovered for hours over the Waterfall burn area this morning.
It dropped more than a hundred tons of straw on the hillside.
This process is called mulching...and should protect the ground ravaged by fire.
It's designed to keep the soil in place...in case these fall storms produce any erosion or flooding.
Forestry officials say, for the Ponderosa trees to get back to the way they were before the fire, it could take 50 years.
But, they say mulching speeds up the process...by about 30 years.
The re-seeding and the mulching costs about one-point-one million dollars to complete.
It's being paid for through federal grants.