Series Of Quakes Rock The Sierra

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A swarm of minor earthquakes hit an area near Mono Lake on the California-Nevada border over the weekend, and again this morning. This morning's quake was 5.0....the strongest of a thousand or more aftershocks, touched off by a pair of quakes Saturday afternoon, 5.5 and 5.4 respectively. Not a big deal as earthquakes go, but strong enough to be felt and certainly of interests to scientists.
At the University of Nevada Seismology Lab, the drums keep rolling, the stylus tracing, computers recording the stirrings the earth about 3 miles beneath the Adobe Hills just east of Mono Lake. The strongest 3 of the temblors were felt in Lee Vining and Hawthorne. The aftershocks number more than a thousand at this point, most very small, but with each tracing new data is being added to what we know about the restless earth below us.
Dr. Ken Smith, Research Seismologist, UNR " We look at the surface movement in earthquakes like this. If this were to happen in the Reno or Carson City area, it would impact people and structures."
The quakes are a reminder that Nevada is the third most seismically active state, behind California and Alaksa. In fact, Smith says we see quakes like this on a regular basis in our area. But when he says that he's speaking in terms of geologic time....where a recent event might be a decade ago. These temblors are actually the strongest in our area since the 6 point oh quake that hit the Gardnerville area in 1994.
There were no damage or injury reports.