Court Documents: Murder Suspect on Enraged Mission

Justin Ouimet
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Court documents released Monday say a 24-year-old man charged with the murder of a 62-year-old woman and her grandson paint a picture of a man filled with rage against his estranged wife's family.

According to a Declaration of Probable Cause filed in Sparks Justice Court, Justin Ouimet told investigators he came to hiw wife's home on I Street in Sparks early Friday afternoon armed with a knife and with the intent to "kill who ever was there."

Walking through an unlocked front door, he said he found his mother in law 62 year old Lana Stone babysitting her grandson, two year old Connor Lawrence. Police say he told them "he immediately began stabbing Stone as she lay on a couch."

Then he turned to his young stepson, lying on another couch, stabbing him several times.

Waiting 5 seconds to determine both were dead, he said he then set fire to one of his stepson's stuffed toys intended to burn the house, then left.

According to what he told police he wasn't done. He went to Stone's home in Spanish Springs intending to kill his father in law. He wasn't home, so he says he returned to Hidden Valley where he was arrested.

A knife and bloody clothes were in his possession.

Ouimet was apparently being divorced by his wife, Danielle Lawrence, who discovered the grisly scene when she returned home early Friday afternoon.

Family members told us Friday Ouimet had just been released from jail.
Washoe County records show an arrest in 2008 for domestic battery on his wife.

On his Facebook page, Ouimet identifies himself with the Straight Edge lifestyle, a punk rock centered movement based on abstaining from sex, alcohol and drugs, but associated in Reno in recent years with violent acts by some members.

He also describes his interest in 'giving my family a good life."

His wife had moved to the home jon I Street ust a few months ago and we could find few people in this neighborhood who really knew much about him.

One man we talked with today described Ouimet as "wierd and a white supremacist type."

Some of those neighbors have left flowers and even a stuffed animal on the doorstep as a memorial.

Ouimet's initial court appearance still isn't scheduled, but is likely to be held Wednesday morning in Sparks Justice Court.