New Airline Comes to Reno

A new airline will be flying in and out of Reno/Tahoe International Airport beginning November 11th. Express Air announced today it is taking reservations for service to Tucson, Los Angeles-Ontario, Spokane, and Long Beach--All non stop.

The 50-passenger jets already serve 1075 destinations at prices that airport and irline officials say are "competitive".

Express Air increases the number of airlines serving Reno to a dozen.

Airport officials say they are pleased with the new service, and the Ontario route in particular. They say that's the number market for our area that has previously not been been joined to northern Nevada by airline service.

ExpressJet Schedule Begins November 11, 2007

Reno-Tahoe to Long Beach
Depart 7:15am Arrive 8:39am
Depart 5:25pm Arrive 6:49pm

Long Beach to Reno-Tahoe
Depart 9:10am Arrive 10:35am
Depart 7:20pm Arrive 8:45pm

Reno-Tahoe to Ontario
Depart 7:20pm Arrive 8:45pm

Ontario to Reno-Tahoe
Depart 7:00am Arrive 8:30am

Reno-Tahoe to Spokane
Depart 11:00am Arrive 12:45pm

Spokane to Reno-Tahoe
Depart 3:15pm Arrive 4:58pm

Reno-Tahoe to Tucson
Depart 9:00am Arrive 11:55am

Tucson to Reno-Tahoe
Depart 5:35pm Arrive 6:49pm