The ACT College Entrance Exams Scores For High School Seniors On The Up

The ACT college entrance exams scores for high school seniors in
Washoe County are up slightly from last year.

The mean composite score rose slightly from 21.2 in 2006 to 22.3 for
the class of 2007. (Composite scores for the state of Nevada held
steady at 21.5; nationally they increased from 21.1 to 21.2). Scores
are calculated on 1-36 range.

From the class of 2007, 1,112 seniors participated in the ACT testing.

Compared to the class of 2006, 149 more seniors (about 9%) were tested.

WCSD ACT scores continue to remain above the Nevada and nation-
al averages, with increases seen in all subject areas.

The scores for each subject area (2007 v. 2006) are below.

English: 21.6 up from 21.5

Math: 22.2 up from 22.1

Reading: 22.8 up from 22.6

Science: 22.0 up from 21.7

As in pervious years, results indicate that students who take the
core curriculum score higher in the district, in the state, and across
the nation than students who do not take the core curriculum.

ACT considers core curriculum as four years of English and three
years each of math (Algebra 1 and higher), social studies and science.