Deputies Search for Missing Family

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Searchers are looking for a young Sun Valley family.
The Washoe County Search and Rescue team got together to search the Sun Valley area as dusk was falling.
They were looking for a young woman and her three children.
Family members say Elvida Martinez-Davila was looking for a school for her six-year-old son.
They'd just moved to the Reno area from South Lake Tahoe two days ago.
Not only is the mother unfamiliar with Sun Valley...she also speaks very little English.
Elvida Martinez-Davila is 23 years old.
She's five feet two inches tall, weighs about one-hundred-50 pounds and has black hair.
She was last seen wearing a black shirt and black pants.
Her children are six years, 20 months and seven months old.
They *may* have been seen getting on a Citifare Bus headed for the 9th and Wells area of Reno.
If you think you may have seen them, please call the Washoe County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number, 334-COPS.
That's 334-2677.
So far, officers don't have evidence of foul play.
They hope the woman and her children are simply lost.