O.J. Simpson's Rolex Watch Found To Be Fake, Returned

O.J. Simpson has his fake Rolex back.

The watch was seized earlier this week by attorneys for Fred Goldman, but was returned to Simpson after it was determined to be
a knockoff made in China.

Goldman's lawyers had hoped the watch might be worth as much as
$22,000, but an appraisal from a San Francisco jeweler concluded it
was worth only about 100 bucks.

Simpson was acquitted in a criminal trial of the 1994 murders of Goldman's son, Ron Goldman, and Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown

After their families sued him for wrongful death, a civil court jury found him liable for the killings and ordered that he pay $33.5 million.

Most of that judgment remains unpaid, although Fred Goldman recently won the rights to Simpson's book, "If I Did It."

The ghostwritten account of how Simpson could have committed the
murders is a New York Times best-seller.