Human Remains Found Near Fallon

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The remains of a woman have been discovered in the desert near Fallon.
The Churchill County Sheriff's Department says.. a woman...who was walking her dogs Northwest of Fallon last night made the discovery..
One of the dogs found a human forearm.. with the hand still attached.
Investigators are looking into the possibility that they could be those of Bertha Anguiano.
She was last seen last November with Juan Carlos Tellez who is currently in custody in Utah on unrelated charges.
Tellez spent a night in a Fallon hotel room after Anguiano's disappearance.. and investigators are working tonight to link evidence found in that room.. to this crime scene.
Only a handful of people live in this remote desert area about 12 miles northwest of Fallon.
So.. it's easy for things to go unnoticed.
The woman who discovered the bones last night.. took them home and immediately called authorities.
Search and Rescuers were unable to begin looking for the rest of the remains.. until early Thursday morning.
By 7 am.. they had discovered a skull.. spine and leg bones.. scattered in the sand.
Churchill County Sheriff Richard Ingram says.. the woman had medium length brown hair.
Investigators collected soil samples and trace amounts of fibers.
According to the sheriff.. they combed 4-to-5 square miles around the crime scene.
We asked how long the body may have been here in the desert.. but he said he couldn't speculate.
Ingram says.. he hopes pathologists at the Washoe County Coroner's Office can help determine how long the body was here and who the woman was.
An autopsy will be performed tomorrow.
Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong told us he is waiting for those autopsy results and he hopes this will bring closure to the Anguiano case.