Cheney Ticket Policy Questioned

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Not everyone, who wanted to hear the Vice President speak, was able to do so.
The Republican party turned away a Washoe Valley couple...because they didn't support the Bush/Cheney ticket.
KOLO News Channel 8's James Steiner talked with party officials today about that issue.
Technically, It's open to the public.
But, it's being put on by the Republican National Committee which makes it private.
Even though tickets were officials say they have the right to turn away people who don't support the Vice President.
The past few days, the Washoe County Republican headquarters has been in a frenzy...over tickets to hear the Vice President speak
Ernie Boetius closed down his business in Sacramento for the drive up and see Dick Cheney in person.
Other Republicans wanted to show their support...since it's rare to see a sitting vice president in Nevada.
Wendall Newman, and his wife, wanted to attend the Republican rally.
But, they were turned away because they didn't support the Bush/Cheney ticket.
Republican party officials say they've been told by the FBI and the Secret screen people for tickets.
In this case, a staffer or a volunteer...thought there may be a security issue.
But, Newman says if taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill for security, and he and his wife are taxpayers then it's wrong
Republican officials say the extra security costs have been for "all" the recent high profile political events...not just the Vice President's visit.