Vice President Pays Return Visit

Vice President Dick Cheney was back in Nevada
for the fourth time today, courting the Silver State's five
electoral votes.
In a speech at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, he contrasted
what he said was President Bush's "strong and steadfast"
leadership with Democrat John Kerry's "back-and-forth habit of
Cheney told a crowd of about 15-hundred that these are not times
for leaders who shift with the political winds."
In times of conflict, he says U-S troops, our allies and our
enemies must know where America stands.
He says that of all the national campaigns he's observed over
the years, he's never seen a candidate go back and forth so many
times as Kerry.
Cheney said that Kerry and his running mate John Edwards like to
say that they see two Americas. He says it makes sense because in
his words, "America sees two John Kerrys."
Cheney was making his second appearance in Reno in six weeks. He
also has appeared this year in Las Vegas and Elko in an effort to
carry the battleground state for the second time after Bill Clinton
won it twice before.
His daughter, Liz, introduced him as a man from the American
West and "of the American West." She says she cannot imagine
calling Kerry commander and chief.