Charter School For Teen Parents

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School is a way of life for most teens, but until now that hasn't been an option for some young people in our community. Some teenaged moms and dads have had to focus on work and families, instead of an education. Now, a new charter school in Reno is changing that.
Some teens are here to learn how to become better parents.
Halima Academy is a last resort for finishing their education, Ada Lilaind, Halima Academy Student, "I was really distracted by all of the students and friends and what was going on outside of school and I couldn't really focus." Lilaind says at age 16 she still needs to earn *all* of her high school credits to graduate. She's come to Halima for help, and she's not alone.
Over 100 students are enrolled here. Students like Bobby Pares, who's been enrolled in 46 different schools says, "I got into a lot of trouble where I was living in Louisiana, time to straighten myself out". These students have dreams.. dreams that teachers and administrators at the Halima Academy want to help them fulfill. Accoring to Saidah Pires, Executive Director of the Halima Academy, "It's not that our students don't want to go to school, they do. They just need the opportunity to have somewhere to go."
According to Pires, many teenage parents don't go to school because they can't afford daycare. So the school provides it free of charge.
Halima also allows students to enroll up to the age of 21, so if you've been out of school for a while you're still welcome.
Students tell us they're focused, learning, and working toward their goals.
The Halima Academy is still accepting students for this school year.
For more information call 857-3025.
The school does keep classes small, we are told the average class has about 16 students.