Martha Stewart Ready for Prison

Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart -- saying she doesn't want to wait on the outcome of her appeal -- announced Wednesday she's ready to go to serve her time. Stewart was sentenced in July to five months in prison for her conviction on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators about a 2001 stock sale.
Stewart said she can no longer bear the suffering of having a 5-month
prison term hanging over her head. So her lawyers wrote to the judge asking that stewart begin serving her term as soon as possible.
I suppose the best word to use for this harsh decision is finality and my intense desire and need to put this nightmare behind me both personally and professionally. I must reclaim my good life, I must return to my good works. People close to Stewart say the deciding factor was a delay in her appeal- which means arguments to overturn her obstruction of justice conviction won't be heard until next year.
They are going to judge this appeal on the merits and we have an enormous amount of confidence in this appeal. The bureau of prisons will now determine where martha stewart will do time- she has asked for the minimum security camp in Danbury, Connecticut not far from one of her homes. Stewart has personal and professional reasons to start serving-- her company has seen advertisers flee and it's stock punished.
Stewart's announcement sent the shares climbing. Stewart said she anticipates a tough 5 months singling out the loss of companionship with her pets. "I will miss all my pets, my two beloved fun loving dogs, my seven lively cats, my canaries my horses and even my chickens. Its odd what becomes of immense importance when one realizlies that ones freedom is about to be curtailed."
Stewart said she hopes to be out by March to plant her spring garden.